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What is AKB48 Cafe & Shops Online?

AKB48 Cafe & Shops Online is where you can buy limited edition merchandise sold at AKB48’s three official Cafe & Shops in Japan (Akihabara, Hakata, and Namba) anytime, anywhere.

*In order to shop at AKB48 cafe & shops online,
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Introduction of Merchandise

AKB48 Cafe & Shops limited edition merchandise is now available! There are many products you would want now!

image:Sample of merchandise

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How to Shop

STEP1 Register as a member of tenso.com free! Once registration is complete, the site will issue an exclusive address in Japan.

What is tenso.com?

Tenso.com is service that ships products from Japanese online shopping sites internationally. Purchase Japanese products even if you live outside Japan.

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STEP2 Shopping at AKB48 Cafe & Shops Online

*Everything on the site is written in Japanese.

Please choose your favorite product from the Product List.

On the Product List

- Product name
- Color
- Price
- Category

are written from
top to bottom.

Once you decide on your favorite, place the product in the cart.

Be sure to confirm the size if you are buying apparel.

Please choose the quantity and then place the product in the cart.

AKB48 Cafe & Shops Online requires new membership registration. First, agree to the rules, enter the registration information, and register as a member.

Log in to tenso.com and confirm the Tenso Address in My Page.Choose and enter the postal code and address written there.

After choosing the quantity and size of your favorite product, simply click “Put it in the cart. ”After confirming the product in the cart, proceed to the purchase procedure.

Determine the shipping address and the payment method for your selection, and your shopping is complete.

*Product shipping address: Choose “Ship to the ordering person’s  address.”
*Do not choose a delivery date or a delivery time slot.
*Payment will be made by credit card.
*Be advised that if your credit card cannot be used, your order may  be cancelled.

Note that all inquiries to our online shop will be made in Japanese. For inquiries on delivery, please contact tenso.com.

STEP3 Product Forwarding Procedure

The product will arrive at the tenso.com warehouse in Japan. Tenso.com will notify you of the use fee. After completing the procedure, the product will be shipped to you.

Please purchase the products available only at AKB48 Cafe & Shops abroad!

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